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Sites with many Good Resources
Cybraryman's Math Page
Marvelous Math Sites (Live Binders)
Dr. Alice Christie's- Integrate Math
Helping With Math
Johnnie's Math Page
Hot Math
Math for America
Virtual Math Manipulatives- Great site to use with SMART boards
SumDog- interactive math games at many levels
Math Pickle- a nice site for locating videos and exercises appropriate for teaching a variety of mathematics concepts at a variety of grade levels
Math Games from Jefferson Labs
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Singapore Math Source
Yummy Math-Yummymath activities are written on a real life event, happening or situation that should be a familiar context to kids. Instead of telling students how to solve problems, Yummymath allows students to investigate questions related to a particular real world context and then problem solve and explore concepts within that context.
Mr. Barton Maths
MIT Blossoms- Math and Science Video Lessons for High School Classes
K-12 Geometry Sites
ECB- Math Practice
ECB- Number and Operations K-12
ECB- Math Games
Converting Fractions to Decimals Game
StudyJams- over 200 jams on various Math and Science topics
Math Live- animated stories that teach math lessons- 23 lessons for elementary and middle school students- four categories: Number, Patterns and Relationships, Shape and Space, Statistics and Probability
3Dvinci- 3D design is a motivational & instruction tool. Includes exercises for both left-brain and right-brain skills.
Arcademic Skill Builder- standards-aligned free educational math & language arts games
CrickWeb- math interactive tools for white boards
Teaching Fractions- over 20 of the best online fraction teaching resources

Elementary Sites
Elementary Math Websites
Rhyme N Learn- Clean rap songs about Science and Math
Brain Pop-Math
Math Chants- Chants that pertain to math instruction at various grade levels
Skip Counting Fun Songs to Learn Multiplication & Division Facts
Teaching Time
Sqool Tools Math Facts (K-6)- basic addition to geometry & fractions- virtual manipulatives to interactive games- online calculators & converters to graphing tools

MS & HS Sites
Math Homework Help Grades 7-10
American Mathematical SocietyHigh School
Introducing Integers- Grades 6-8

Algebra Sites
Algebasics- interactive Algebra help, problems and activities
K-12 Algebra Sites

Charts & Graphs
Chart Gizmo- incredible chart builder for any type of data that can be typed or uploaded to this tool
Chart Tool- tool for creating charts and graphs
Archimy- free download for drawing graphs
Create a Graph
45+ Free Online Tools to Create Charts, Diagrams and Flowcharts

ACT prep sites
Sample Math Questions
ACT Math Practice Page
Math Practice Questions
Mathematics Usage Practice (30 Questions)