Interactive Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips
5 Best Virtual Field Trips
Five Awesome Virtual Field Trips for Students of All Ages

Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel
  • tour allows visitors to a 360 degree view of the interior at various angles
Gregorian Egyptian Museum
Gregorian Etruscan Museum
Raphael's Rooms

European Virtual Museum
  • 27 European Museums
  • search collections by chronology, geographic area, object type, contributing museum, routes, & tour itineraries
Tenement Museum
  • for US History Teachers
  • students select a character for their passport from Europe to Ellis Island, they learn about the process of legal immigration
  • they go to Orchard St tenement where they choose an occupation and living conditions
JFK Presidential Library Museum
  • interactive exhibits:
    • We Choose the Moon
    • The President's Desk
    • Work on the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Integrating Ole Miss: A Civil Rights Milestone
    • White House Diary
    • Virtual Museum Tour
    • JFK Timeline
Museum of Obsolete Objects
  • YouTube Channel featuring videos about objects like cassette tapes that are now obsolete. It has objects other than the 20th century like quill pens & telegraphs.