Grade 2 and Grade 3

3rd Grade Word Problems (Live Binders)
  • Great site with video tutorials and follow up worksheets on many math skill areas.
  • Arcademic is one of the best educational gaming sites to come around in a long time. It focuses on skill building in a number of different subjects such as: math, money, time, etc. Also, one can upgrade their account to a "plus" account which allows for student tracking as well as other features.
  • educational games against other kids from all over the world

Reading & Language Arts
Word Girl Competition
  • This is a live vocabulary event being hosted by Scholastic and is free to participate in! The competition is made up of 3 rounds plus a bonus round. The competition will be in game-show format, students will be challenged to work those vocabulary skills as they answer questions pertaining to word usage, definitions, using words in different contexts, and reading comprehension. Your students will play along with the game in real time by submitting answers online during the webcast and may be called out during the event. This event will help your students understand the meaning of words, use context clues for correct word usage, leverage visuals to define words, draw on existing vocabulary knowledge, and present vocabulary words in varied and interesting ways. Fun right?!
Interactive Poetry Sites Interactive Poetry and Poems by Kids and for Kids
World Spelling Day- (early March)
  • Students play at home and at school against other students around the world in live games of spelling. Each game lasts for 60 seconds and students can play up to 100 games, earning points for their personal tally. Students can play beyond 100 games during the event, but points will only count to the World Spelling Day Spellometer, not their personal point score. The students who answer the most questions correctly will appear on the Hall of Fame. There are 5 levels of play, 20 games on each level
Learn Alberta Communicating Ideas Using Posters, Newspapers, and Comics.
Newspapers in Education (Lessons for 3-12)
Story Time For Me
  • a beautiful collection of digital children’s books for primary students in kindergarten through second grade. Each story includes charming illustrations, animation and professional narration with music and sound effects. Activities accompany every story that encourage imagination and creativity.
Meddy Bemps 53 Online Story Starters that can completed together or printed in PDF.
Book Wink
  • Bookwink's mission is to inspire kids to read. Through podcasting and web video, we hope to connect kids in Grades 3 through 8 with books that will make them excited about reading. The videos are approximately 3 minutes long and are updated monthly. Each video booktalk is about a different topic, and additional read-alikes can be found on the Bookwink website. You can look for books by subject, grade level, author or title. We are constantly updating the book lists with our newest favorite books.

Dance Mat Typing
Polar Activities

Grade 2
2nd Grade Games (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science)
Grade 2 Educational Games & Apps

Grade 3
Grade 3 Educational Games & Apps
3rd Grade Games (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science)