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Academic Earth
  • Some call this “the Hulu for education.” The idea is to take academic videos from top-notch universities and let users watch them with a very user-friendly interface. Though a young site, many users are giving it high marks.
  • The site gathers together “the very best films and photographs of the world’s species into one centralised digital library, to create a unique audio-visual record of life on Earth.” A great site for naturalists and nature lovers.
  • This show, which comes out of Canada, “offers a variety of thought-provoking topics which range across politics, culture, economics, art history, science…. The program has introduced Ontario viewers to the impressive brainpower of people like Niall Ferguson on American empire, Daniel Libeskind on architecture, Robert Fisk on the Middle East, George Steiner on the demise of literacy, Camille Paglia on aesthetic education, Tariq Ramadan on being a Western Muslim, Noam Chomsky on U.S. politics, Leon Kass on dying, Janice Stein on accountability and governance.”
  • “Offers high quality video interviews and insight from the world’s most influential experts in business, entertainment, education, religion and media.” BigThink was founded partly with the help of Larry Summers, formerly the president of Harvard, now Obama’s right hand economic man.
Channel N
  • Get brain & behavior videos with Sandra Kiume. Part of PsychCentral.
  • Current Media provides in-depth investigation and exploration of the world’s most important, interesting, and entertaining stories. Al Gore is the chairman of the venture.
Forum Network
  • PBS and NPR have jointly launched the Forum Network where you will find free lectures online. I expect this to be a rich resource as time goes by.
Living Room Canidate
  • Television ads have changed our political system, and this site maintains more than 300 commercials from every presidential election since 1952.
Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive
  • This online catalog “provides access to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive. The Archive serves as a comprehensive informational and archival resource worldwide for moving image materials pertaining to the Holocaust and related aspects of World War II. ”
  • Almost 7,000 video lectures, with a high emphasis on Computer Science. This site makes good use of Web 2.0 tools, having a Facebook Group and Twitter account.
Learners TV
  • "Video Lectures, Video Courses, Science Animations, Lecture Notes, Online Test, Lecture Presentations
Lecture Fox
  • This site is a central link repository with a very simple interface. Lectures have video, audio and notes