Storing in the the "Cloud"
Use to privately share your files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more. Create each drop in two clicks and share what you want, how you want, with whom you want.

File Dropper
A free and very easy way to share files up to 5GB. To use File Dropper simply upload your file and File Dropper assigns it a unique URL that you can then share with anyone. File Dropper is not nearly as feature-rich as and similar file hosting and sharing services, but it is free and upload times are fast.

Online file storae site. You get 2 GB of storage for free.

This is a nother site for collecting "stuff" that you find of the web and out in the real world. The idea behind the tool is that it allows you to take notes, record audio and video, and capture web content.

An incredibly easy way to share files. It lets you transfer files by way of a web browser as fast as you can upload. The site could not but easier to use, just pick you file, decide if you want it password protected to download, and then share the file. Dushare requires no login or registration to use. While the transfer is in progress, you can chat with the person you are transferring the file to over Dushare.