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Painting & Drawing Tools

Imagination Cubed
- Want to draw with a friend? This site allows you and a buddy in another location to share drawing space.
- Draw share and edit flow charts, diagrams, technical drawings.
- An online collaborative whiteboard
ToonDoo= Create your own comic strips. Lots of backgrounds, characters and props to choose from. Save favorites and search by tag to see what others have created.
Art Pad &
Sketch Pad
- Art Pad and Sketch Pad are designed for free hand doodling and drawing. Art Pad offers a few more options than Sketch Pad, specifically Art Pad allows you to selectively erase parts of a drawing while Sketch Pad's only erase option erases the entire drawing.
Aviary- Edit images, create special effects, design logos, find colors, collaborate, and more. All from your Firefox browser.
- Create an instant drawing or painting from a digital photograph.
Bonomo- Anyone can create a masterpiece with this tool: abstract, string art, fun shapes. In fact, Bonomo starts drawing without you!
- collaborative artspace...interact with others all over the world!
Brushter -from the National Gallery of Art Online version of Canvastic's desktop software. Draw, paint and publish pages.
CoSketch- Collaborative drawing tool. Anything you paint will instantly show up for all other connected users. One click to save an image permanently (bb- and html-codes automaticly generated for simple posting on forums or on your blog).
Creately- Helps you draw anything! See a variety of example here.
CubeScape- Virtual legos!
- Design and send your own ecards. Clipart and photo uploads supported, too.
- Lets you draw on any webpage and other DrawHere users can see what you have drawn.
Google SketchUp- FREE 3D drawing tools (downloadable software)
Imaginary City
- Create your own or see what others have imagined!
Jackson Pollock- Abstract magic!
Jungle Art 
- from National of Art...create your own jungle!
Kerpoof- Draw, color and share from your browser. Ideas and lesson plans for teachers, too.
Mutapic- To create new pictures use the Generate mode and to modify existing pictures use the Mutation mode.
National Gallery of Art's Interactive Tools 
- Create collages, paintings, a mobile, a still life and more.
- Sketching/drawing tool with playback to show exactly how the drawing was constructed. Gallery of images, too
- Draw and send e-cards.
- Draw, paint, share.
- A collaboartive whiteboard with audio and chat
Scribbls- cribble and image with online tools. "Take any two things drawn by Scribbls members, and draw what happens when you mix them. If something you need for that perfect before and after idea of yours hasn't been drawn yet, you can draw that yourself, too!" Can be fun, but not all scribbls are appropriate for student viewing. Probably best used as an idea starter!
- An online collaborative whiteboard (one of the top five)
SketchCast*- Record a sketch with or without voice. Explain something, have fun, or create art. Then embed the sketch player in your blog, wiki or webpage.
Twiddla- Team whiteboarding and virtual meeting space.
Viscosity- Lets you create and share your own works of art.
- Where you can draw and share.
SnowFlaker*- Generate snowflakes with a touch of the e mouse.
SumoPaint -This is a robust image editor which looks almost identical to PhotoShop
Drawz It -Online drawing application perfect for young students. (no account required)
MugTug SketchPad -Friendly user interface with just enough tools for middle-years students.


- helps create animated stories. The program, now in beta, downloads to your computer and uses Adobe Air (another free software installation.) Currently the program is free, and there is a video overview and downloadable Getting Started Guide (pdf) available on the Anithings site.
Doink- Create, collaborate, explore and share animations.
Domo Animation
- From the makers of GoAnimate. Somewhat simpler, but you can't upload your own backgrounds, characters or sounds. A good starter tool.
FlipBook- Create an online filip book with up to 100 pages
Flow- A motion painting machine. Create and playback.
FluxTime Studio- An online animation tool for kids
GoAnimate*- Easy to use animation tool with soundtracks, multiple characters and backgrounds to choose from.
Kerpoof- Owned and operated by Disney. Check out their What's New and How-To pages to learn more about what you can do with Kerpoof.
- is a "unique online tool which teachers and pupils can use to draw, animate and apply physical properties to objects in order to bring their pictures and words to life. Let them discover what happens when they make a ball even bouncier, a hippo even heavier or the word shiver actually shiver."
PicTabs*- Draw and animate!
- "If you can type, you can make a movie." (They are right!) Free in beta.
- Animation creation for elementary students